A Mysterious Malware Has Reportedly Infected Around 30,000 Macs


Ever since the beginning of the year 2020, there have been several incidents and cases where very harmful malware has been detected in different networks. On several occasions, the malware went unnoticed for months before being picked up by the cyber-security teams.

The most shocking thing about this malware was that it was not detected by the cyber-security teams in the first place. It was the people who started reporting cases where their systems started over-heating or becoming extremely slow to operate.

These were the cases that led the cyber-security teams to investigate the matters and soon, they realized that the reason behind such abnormalities was malware.

This time, another malware-related case has emerged and the report has been shared by a security firm known as Red Canary. According to the research report shared by the Red Canary research team, there are currently around 30,000 Macs that are infected with malware.

The team has revealed that the infected Macs are not based in a particular area but are spread all over the world. It has been revealed that the malware is very mysterious as it do not have many details surrounding it.

So far, the research team seems to be confused after identifying the malware in 30,000 Macs worldwide. They have also stated that they are completely unaware of what the goal of the malware is and what it is doing at the moment.

The research team is constantly providing updates on the matter through blog posts. From their initial research, the team has established that for now, the malware is not involved in delivering any information to or from the devices.

The team is currently examining the matter to find out whether the malware poses any harm to the devices or not. The Red Canary team is not adding many comments to the matter as of yet but they are in the middle of doing a thorough research and have named the malware “Silver Sparrow”.

One of the intelligence analysts from Red Canary, Tony Lambert shared some information from their initial investigation on the malware. Lambert stated that they have not found that Silver Sparrow does not exhibit the behavior that Red Canary has found in the malware that usually attacks macOS systems.

So far, they have been able to establish that the malware is loaded with a mechanism that would lead to it being self-destructed. However, the self-destruction functionality is still not used and is sitting dormant for some reason.

Lambert stated that they are currently not sure what would trigger the malware to self-destruct. Because technically, it should get triggered if someone is trying to mingle with the programming that has been set up in the malware but it is doing nothing.