A Joint Lawsuit has been filed by Facebook and Gucci against an Individual


When it comes to manufacturing high-end and quality products, there is one brand that is considered one of the best, which is Gucci. Gucci is known worldwide for manufacturing beautiful apparel as well as wearing accessories.

Similar to Gucci, there are bands such as Prada, Kenzo, and many more who are increasing their sales by the year. Still, all major brands claim that they can earn way more than what they are currently earning in profits from their sales. Unfortunately, they are not able to do it because of the counterfeiters and anonymous companies that are responsible for making fake products.

However, these companies and individuals are so daring that they are not even afraid of using the legit brand’s name when selling the products. As a result, the people who purchase them end up disliking the products, which leads to them moving on to other brands.

As for the brands, such counterfeiters end up taking a decent chunk out of the sales and revenues that the brands can generate if such customers bought their products.

Then there are customers who deliberately purchase the counterfeited products because they cannot afford the original brand’s products, as they are expensive, and usually out of a middle-class person’s reach.

While the majority of the world-class brands continue to face this problem, Gucci has decided to take any action against it. Gucci has reportedly taken legal action against one of the counterfeiters and is being supported by Facebook in this matter.

The sources have confirmed that together, Facebook and Gucci have filed a lawsuit against the particular counterfeiter. In the lawsuit, Gucci has alleged the individual of being directly involved in selling fake Gucci products to several customers.

As per Facebook, the particular individual used the social media platform in order to promote/advertise the products, attracting many who ended up purchasing these products.

The reports have confirmed that Gucci and Facebook have filed a lawsuit against the individual on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

This is not the first time where a social media platform and a luxury label have joined forces with the aim to take down fakers. Their aim is to take strict legal action against the counterfeiter in order to set an example for the person.

Prior to this incident, it was Amazon that had also filed lawsuits against different counterfeiters who were responsible for selling fake products for the brands Ferragamo and Valentino.

Although this move is beneficial for the companies and brands if the counterfeiters are brought to justice, yet it would deprive low-class and middle-class individuals of such products.

Therefore, the brands would also have to look into that and make products that would be within the reach of such people.